Christmas Inspiration

Christmas Inspiration

It might be the strange times we are living in that has made us dig deep into our childhood for Christmas inspiration at Luna & Folly. We love vintage fairytale books and Edmund Dulac’s illustrations for Hans Christian Andersen. We have poured over the pages and absorbed his beautiful and whimsical visions. Unlike so much illustration now for children his images are thoughtful, detailed and serious, they are works of art and could never be reproduced on photoshop.

At Luna & Folly we have gone back to hand painting all our illustrations recreating little artworks of our own for our new Christmas range. We don’t want them to look flat and mass produced like so much on the high street. They are beautiful bespoke keepsakes that will be kept forever and will in time bring their own nostalgia. We have created magical fairytale images for modern times to look as though they are scenes from your favourite Christmas story. We want you to remember how Christmas Eve felt as a child and all the magic and promise it brought, we even have a tee shirt called the Christmas Eve Santa and we love our tees Mistletoe Fairy and the ultimate Christmas Fairy. The magic is coming soon, Merry Christmas!

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