Going Green

At Luna&Folly we are lucky enough to have an allotment next to our office. It’s all organic of course. I don’t think we would win any awards for it but we love it . 
The cabbages look like they’ve made a nice home for some beasties. The potatoes have blight , why I have no idea. But the carrots look good both purple and orange and the parsnips are looking great ,although if I had to hazard a guess they will end up looking like they belong to the set of Dr Who . 
At first I thought the kids will love this , planting their own veg and watching it grow . Turns out this holds very little interest for them . Only in the picking of the raspberries, gooseberries and strawberries are they more than happy to help out with ,going through it like locusts 😉
Sunday roast with the family is great knowing that most of the veg has been cooked by you .

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