Our Story

We live in a world of mass production. At Luna & Folly we don’t have a volume production line like the high street. Our artworks are lovingly hand painted and we make one-of-a kind unique garments and wall art. No two items are alike. They are beloved keepsakes that we believe will be treasured and valued far beyond anything that was bought off the peg. We are a brand who does not believe in the throw away society and we are committed to our social responsibilities. All of our garments are organic, fairtrade and sustainably sourced. Our greeting cards and packaging are both recycled and recyclable. We are a brand who wants to make a difference, just like you.

Giving back through this small business is one of the things we are most proud of. Thanks to your orders we are able to donate to Chailey Heritage Foundation. This is an incredible charity supporting young people with complex neurodisabilities and their families by giving them every opportunity to pursue their fullest potential. We love their declaration promise “We will never, ever give up working with children, young people and families to empower them to make their own choice at every stage in life”. For more information on this amazing organisation go to Chailey Heritage Foundation . With every A3 artwork purchased we donate £1 and for every A4 artwork we donate £0.50, every little helps!