Why The Postcards?

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As a child the Tooth Fairy once left a postcard size portrait of herself under my pillow. She was gorgeous and richly painted in oils . It showed her as a queen with a crown and a long velvet cloak. She stood under a starlit sky . I remember I stared at her for hours. It was pure magic in my hands, a gift from another realm. I possessed something so magical and beautiful, something that no one else had. That feeling is the inspiration behind Luan&Folly. 
It never once occurred to me that it could possibly have been painted by my mum, who had filled the walls of our house with her oil paintings. Nope, this was truly magical and much better than anything mum could have painted! 
That postcard inspired me to create all of the new designs for Luna&Folly, which can be personalised. Much more importantly, they are here to fill our children’s heads and hearts with the same magic I felt as a child and one which I will never forget. 
We all need magic, we all need to believe, especially us grown ups. 
I spoke to my lovely mum recently about this vivid and precious memory from my childhood, of the fairy portrait, she had no recollection of it, no idea what I was even talking about. 
Perhaps it was from the fairies after all…😀 

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